Our core

At the AguilaCondor Foundation, our work is anchored in three core pillars that define our purpose and guide our actions. Each pillar represents a fundamental area of focus, driving us towards a future where cultural heritage, scientific exploration, and global unity flourish together.
Cultural Preservation

Dedicated to safeguarding the rich heritage and wisdom of indigenous communities, this pillar is about more than just preservation; it’s about celebrating and revitalizing ancient cultures. Our initiatives include supporting cultural events, documenting traditional knowledge, and ensuring that indigenous voices lead the discourse on cultural sustainability.

Scientific Research

In our quest to explore new frontiers in mental health and human consciousness, we embrace a unique research approach. This involves integrating indigenous insights with modern scientific methods to unlock new understandings in mental health, contributing to a body of knowledge that respects and utilizes the wisdom of ancient practices.

Global Outreach

Our global outreach efforts aim to create an interconnected network of knowledge, support, and collaboration. This pillar focuses on building partnerships with like-minded organizations, engaging with international communities, and fostering a global dialogue that respects cultural diversity while promoting unity and mutual understanding.

Support Our Pillars of ChangE

Your contribution empowers each pillar of our mission, enabling us topreserve cultural heritage, advance scientific research, and expand our global reach.