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Marechal Thaumaturgo, Acre, Brazil


BOA Foundation



Benki Piyãko, from the Ashaninka community, is spearheading this project which will welcome indigenous peoples from all over the Amazon and international visitors to learn about reforestation as well as benefit the local community with sustainable solutions and organic food.





Marechal Thaumaturgo, Acre, Brazil



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This is an ongoing project.

Yorenka Tasorentsi is the dream-come-true of environmental activist and spiritual leader Benki Piyãko, the indigenous director at the Boa Foundation. It has continued the Ashaninka project of reforesting farmland even at the brink of urban spaces in the Amazon, capping a 2.5 million-tree reforestation effort. Planting on the three adjacent lands which have been acquired with the support of Boa, it uses ancient and current techniques of agroforestry to obtain the highest rate of biodiversity, with a consortium of hundreds of trees. Seeding change one seed at a time, the institute is equally an educational center and a place set part for people to reconnect with nature, spirituality, and a healthy life. The Institute presently hosts the Ayahuasca International Conference.

Benki praying in the forest at Yorenka Tasorentsi. ©Marcelo Fortaleza Flores

Yorenka Tasorentsi is a groundbreaking institute which carries out reforestation at a large scale, but Benki’s dream also includes a center for indigenous wisdom, a seed sanctuary for endangered species, a network of ponds for sustainable fish farming, an Amazon essential oils distillery, an organic farm, and arts and crafts spaces. Of these, Boa has funded several fish ponds as well as an auditorium, apart from the lands themselves. Three formerly degraded farmlands at the edge of Marechal Thaumaturgo, Acre, have been purchased: a small riverside plot where the Institute is located, a large (1,180 hectares) farm, and a 530 hectare land which connects the previous two creating a conservation corridor. Our funds have supported building and maintaining the Institute as well funded the institute’s community’s sustainable self-sufficiency. A copy-left project, Benki aims at making the Institute a replicable model for the world.

We have a detailed deck for large donors that break down each stage and aspect of this incredible project.


– Our aim is to purchase 26,067 acres of land that has been deforested for cattle grazing in Acre, Brazil.


– Seed collection, classification, and study with physical, spiritual, cultural, and medicinal data, preserving the Institute’s IP and know-how.


– Endangered species repopulation: the Institute is the only organization in the region which holds a licence to breed species facing extinction.


– Land and water source’s protection.


– With the support of the Pro-Indigenous Commission and the Yorenka Ãtame Center, the Institute has championed combining traditional and cutting-edge agroforestry techniques to regenerate ecosystems. It has trained several communities of agroforestry agents, including its own team, to develop and put into practice methods of conservation and sustainable development based on ancient knowledge and practices.


– Education: Community based Agroforestry officers teach indigenous and other traditional peoples to manage forests for sustainability, revaluing indigenous wisdom for the thriving of all local communities and their ecosystems.



– Living Museum of Indigenous wisdom

– Reforestation of land = 10 million trees

– Sanctuary for endangered species

– Agroforestry training

– 50 sustainable fish ponds



The goal is to raise $ 461,000 USD to expand the Yorenka Tasorentsi land project by 400 hectares or 981 acres.
The objective is to replant the deforested area of this new land and steward and project the areas that haven’t yet been deforested to bring the biodiversity back. This addition will further insulate the team at Yorenka from outside threats providing more secure environment for all the families that live there.