The AguilaCondor Foundation was established inspired by an indiginous prophecy predicting a time when life on Earth would be in peril. It would be crucial for the opposites—the eagle (symbolizing the modern world) and the condor (representing the ancient world)—to unite to safeguard life on Earth.

We are dedicated to preserving indigenous wisdom and advancing scientific discovery, creating a world where ancient and modern knowledge coexist for the betterment of humanity.

Our Story

  • The Wisdom

    We gain invaluable teachings from indigenous wisdom keepers on living in harmony with nature and community and using medicinal plants for physical and mental well-being. We enhance their wisdom by bridging it with modern research on consciousness.
  • The Values

    We are a group of visionaries, researchers, and advocates united by our belief in the power of respect, collaboration, and innovation. Our mission is to protect and enhance ancient wisdom to empower our community and promote well-being.
  • The Launch

    Our journey is one of understanding, connecting, and empowering we are here to honor our past and shape our future together.

Meet our TEAM

Our team is the heart of our foundation, a diverse group united by a shared goal to make a profound difference.
Anastasiya (Ana) Kulygin

Council Member

Daniel Koppelkamm

Council Member

Carrie Chojnowski

Council Member

Pascal Joncour

Council Member

Amer Vohora

Council Member

Justine Natuplag

Project Manager

Our Collaborative Circle

We are honored to join hands with a network of organizations and individuals who share our vision. Our partners are an integral part of our journey, bringing strength, diversity, and expertise to our collective efforts.
We are more than a foundation, we are a movement, a community, and a promise for a better tomorrow. Join us in this extraordinary journey towards a world where every voice matters and every action counts.