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Yorenka Tasorentsi

Reviving the Amazon – A Journey of Reforestation and Cultural Resilience
Yorenka Tasorentsi is the dream-come-true of environmental activist and spiritual leader Benki Piyãko. It has continued the Ashaninka project of reforesting farmland even at the brink of urban spaces in the Amazon, capping a 2.5 million-tree reforestation effort using ancient and current techniques of agroforestry to obtain the highest biodiversity.

Soul Tech

Exploring the Boundaries of Consciousness

Led by Professor Olaf Blanke at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the ‘Soul Tech’ project merges cutting-edge neurotechnology with the exploration of self-consciousness. This initiative delves into out-of-body experiences (OBEs), seeking to understand their intricate relationship with the spatial unity of self and body.